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Departure times and dates of operation

Rides in 2014

Steam engine at Ebermannstadt StationThe historic trains of the registered, non-profit association Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz (DFS) are running on Sundays and on many public holidays from 27th April to 26h October 2014. The departure times and the dates of operation can be found in the tables below. The fares for the 2014 season can be found in our tariff of fares summary

We hope you will understand, if we have to use in exceptional cases - for technical reasons or operational procedures - other traction vehicles than mentioned below.

Connection trains from and to Forchheim/Ofr. are running every hour (see DB-Timetable, section 821 und VGN-Timetable section R22). The DFS-trains will wait for the connecting trains from Forchheim. Please note possible exemptions on special events with an extended schedule - please note as the case may be our separate information.


Dates of operation 2014
Train numbers 9, 12, 19 and 22 (see table below) are operated by a steam engine (type series ELNA6, Ploxemam or 64class). The train numbers 25 and 26 are operated by a historic diesel engine (type series V36 or V60). Our trains have up to 400 seats. In our restaurant car we offer small meals and beverages
Trains are either operated by a railcar (type series VT 135) or diesel engines (type series V36 or V60). Please note that trains pulled by diesel engines or railcar do not have a restaurant car.
Dates of operation with an extended schedule / unscheduled runs. Departure times may vary. More details you will find on our special events page.
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Date Train operated by Date Train operated by
27. April Steam engine  3. August Diesel engine
 1. May Steam engine 10. August Steam engine
 4. May Diesel engine 15. August Steam engine
11. May Diesel engine 17. August Steam engine
18. May Steam engine 20. August Steam engine
25. May Steam engine 24. August Steam engine
29. May Diesel engine 27. August Steam engine
 1. June Steam engine 31. August Steam engine
 8. June Steam engine  7. September Diesel engine
 9. June Diesel engine 14. September Steam engine
15. June Steam engine 21. September Diesel engine
19. June Steam engine 28. September Steam engine
22. June Diesel engine  3. October Steam engine
29. June Steam engine  5. October Steam engine
 6. July Diesel engine 12. October Diesel engine
13. July Steam engine 19. October Diesel engine
20. July Diesel engine 26. October Diesel engine
27. July Steam engine    


Departure Times 2014
)* request stop
Remark: The above mentioned departure times are valid for the dates mentioned below. For days with an extended schedule or days where special events take place other departure times may apply.
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Train #9 Train #19 Train #25   Station   Train #12 Train #22 Train #26
10.00 am 2.00 pm 4.00 pm dept. Ebermannstadt arriv. 11.45 am 3.45 pm 5.45 pm
10.05 am 2.05 pm 4.05 pm dept. Gasseldorf )* arriv. 11.27 am 3.27 pm 5.27 pm
10.10 am 2.10 pm 4.10 pm dept. Streitberg arriv. 11.22 am 3.22 pm 5.22 pm
10.17 am 2.17 pm 4.17 pm dept. Muggendorf arriv. 11.15 am 3.15 pm 5.15 pm
10.23 am 2.23 pm 4.23 pm dept. Burggaillenreuth )* arriv. 11.10 am 3.10 pm 5.10 pm
10.27 am 2.27 pm 4.27 pm dept. Gößweinstein arriv. 11.05 am 3.05 pm 5.05 pm
10.45 am 2.45 pm 4.45 pm arriv. Behringersmühle dept. 11.00 am 3.00 pm 5.00 pm


The timetable (German language only) is available for download as well...

DownloadAcrobat DocumentTime table 2014 season (German)
     (PDF 1.4 Format, 622kB)


Limitations in train operations due to a potential risk of forrest fires

DFS would like to point out that limitations in train operations (e. g. interdiction of operating coal-fired locomotives) can be necessary in case of a high and a very high danger of forrest fires. If so we reserve the right to replace steam locomotives by a suitable diesel fueled traction vehicle.


Last modified 01/26/2014
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