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Franconia's first historic railway

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You still have questions? You want to express your opinion on our association? You want to support us by signing up a club membership form and bring in your manpower? You want to visit us? --- You are in the right place here! Franconia's first historic railway is available to anybody for further questions, impartial criticism and suggestions.

Please include your address and phone number with each inquiry so we can contact you as fast as possible. Thank you!

Postal address of the association:

Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz e. V.
P. O. Box 1101
D-91316 Ebermannstadt / Germany

Email addresses mentioned below are shown encrypted due to the increasing number of spam emails. If you enter the email address manually to your mail client please replace the string (.at.) with the well knwon at sign @. Or more simply click on the hyperlink to directly create a new email. Please note that you have to enable JavaScript in your webbrowser in order that the email addresses can be displayed correctly. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Chairman of the board of management:

Siegfried Fuchs

Vice chairman of the board of management:

Bernd Kittler

Railroad operations management:

Peter Hahn (EBL)

Treasurer / membership:

Steffen Werzinger

Inquiries / apply for extra runs and reservations / merchandising / souveniers:

Carola Bäumler-Kohlbauer
Phone +49-(9194)-725175 or Fax +49-(9194)-725555
Walter Sieburg
Phone +49-(9194)-794541 or Fax +49-(9194)-794542

Public Relations:

Stephan Schäff

Suggestions / questions on the the internet presentation:

Andreas Aschenbrenner

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