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Fares and tariff

Train conductor at workAs the Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz (DFS) right-of-way also needs to be maintained - which costs a lot of money - we are not in the position to offer free rides. From the table below you may however see that we endeavor to charge only modest fares - everone can afford.

At special events the fares may differ from the ones quoted below. If you have questions please apply to our contact address. We hope you will understand that fares at special events which are operated by DFS on behalf of third parties are not under our control and may differ from our fares.

You can obtain tickets from the conductors aboard our trains or or contact our ticket booth at Ebermannstadt Station (opened on days where trains are operated by a steam engine - see schedule for dates)!


Tariff of fares summary
The complete tariff (available in German language only) can be reviewed at Ebermannstadt Station or at a conductor aboard our trains. Issue date of tariff: 01.01.12
Line section Children
(6-14 Years)
(15 years and above)
1 Station 1,50 EUR 3,-- EUR  
2-3 Stations 3,-- EUR 6,-- EUR  
4-6 Stations 4,-- EUR 8,-- EUR  
Fare stage return ticket
(2x 2-3 line sections round-trip ticket)
4,-- EUR 8,-- EUR Ticket is valid for two times of traveling 2-3 line sections in any direction.
Return ticket
(round-trip ticket)
6,-- EUR 12,-- EUR  
Return ticket
(round-trip ticket) for holders of the spa card "Erlebniscard Fränkische Schweiz" of the tourist board or holders of a "Kurkarte" / disabled persons with official severely handicapped pass / groups with 24 persons and more
5,-- EUR 10,-- EUR When buying the ticket, the spa card or the "Kurkarte" / severely handicapped pass has to be shown unasked. The special tickets for members of a group are only valid in combination with the group ticket (wich usually will be handed over to the group manager) only.
Annual ticket
valid from 1st January to the 31st December
not available 60,-- EUR Unlimited travel aboard public DFS' trains between Ebermannstadt and Behringersmühle. This includes also public special events puplished in the DFS timetable except the St. Nicholas' Days Specials.
Families are welcome!

Children under the age of 6 years are using our trains free of charge, however they could not claim a seat. On one adult ticket an additional child (6-14 years) can travel free of charge. A Child's Travel Document (photo ID in lieu of passport) has to be presented if requested by the conductor.
Railroad cars with upholstered seats

For the railroad cars with upholstered seats (railroad car Nos. 2 and 24) we are charging you with a tariff loading of 50%.

Seat reservations can be arranged for groups with 24 persons and more starting their travel at Ebermannstadt or Behringersmühle Station. We kindly ask you for an announcement / reservation in due time.

Individuals can make reservations for the railroad cars Nos. 2 and 24 (with upholstered seats) on days where the trains are operated by a steam engine. The price for the return ticket (round-trip ticket) incl. tariff loading of 50% and reservation fee is 18,-- EUR. We kindly ask you for an announcement / reservation in due time.
Transportation of bicycles, canoes and other bulky freight

Generally the transportation of bicycles, canoes and other bulky freight is only possible on days where the trains are operated by a steam engines (see schedule for dates). No additional transportation fees will be charged. Groups with bicycles / canoes are implicitly asked for booking in advance. We hope you will understand if - for technical reasons or operational procedures - a transportation is impossible. If any further questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us!


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